About this site

This is a blog about technology. Usually it will include topics related to cloud computing, storage, open source monitoring, and the container ecosystem.

I maintain this blog using Hugo, an awesomely fast and powerful static site generator and have chosen the Icarus theme. The site is then published and deployed using Cloudflare Pages which builds, deploys and maintains SSL certs automatically and distributes it all worldwide using their CDN. Pretty sweet!

About me

I am an analytical thinker and a techie at heart with a knack for connecting the dots between business and technology. A California native, I graduated from Miami University in 1997 and began my career in IT in the US before moving to Europe in 2001. I have lived IT from several angles in roles at a large consulting firm, two service providers, an IT vendor, and a Cloud provider. I currently work as a Customer Engineer at Google helping customers get the most out of Google Cloud.

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