About this site

This is a blog about technology. Usually it will include topics like open source monitoring, storage, and the container ecosystem.

I maintain this blog using Hugo, an awesomely fast and powerful static site generator and have chosen the Icarus theme. The site is stored in a private repo on GitLab, built using their CI/CD pipeline, and deployed onto GitLab pages. Pretty sweet!

About me

I am an analytical thinker and a techie at heart with a knack for connecting the dots between business and technology. A California native, I graduated from Miami University in 1997 and began my career in IT in the US before moving to Europe in 2001. I have lived IT from several angles in roles at a large consulting firm, two service providers, and an IT vendor. I currently work as a Solution Architect at NetApp helping customers throughout EMEA to succeed with 3rd platform technologies.

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