NetApp Advanced Performance Monitoring with Harvest, Graphite, and Grafana

I’m pleased to announce that NetApp Harvest is now posted to the NetApp ToolChest! NetApp Harvest is a data collector that fetches a wide set of performance metrics from NetApp cDOT and 7-mode storage systems, and capacity info from Unified Manager 6+, and posts it to an open-source Graphite metrics server.  It also imports 19 dashboards containing over 500 graphs into Grafana to make viewing it all a snap.

I am just thrilled with the results and I hope you are too.  Rather than try to explain it in words I created a 10 minute video that gives a quick tour and some steps to get you started:

Want it?  Great!  All is available without any cost or license key so get to it!

Here are the steps from the video:

  1. Install Graphite and Grafana

  2. Install NetApp Harvest

  3. Enjoy your Dashboards and share!

This won’t be the last post about NetApp Harvest, Graphite, and Grafana, so stay tuned and let the metrics fun begin!

Comments are always welcome!

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