Docker Swarm on Container Lab demo

If you used Using CentOS 7, KVM, and CoreOS to build a container lab and have a KVM host or two ready to go here is your first project: Docker Swarm.

In this 3 minute long screencast we will:

  • Build three CoreOS container hosts
  • Create a 3 node swarm (1 manager, 2 workers) on them
  • Create a web app with 3 replicas
  • Verify we can access the web app and it is load balanced by Swarm
  • Scale up to 15 replicas
  • Simulate failures by destroying the 2 worker nodes and verify the web app stays up
  • Remove the last node as final clean up

The ascii screencast has no audio but allows copy/paste. Depending on your screen size you might want to go full screen to avoid missing some content.

Without further delay, here it is:

As always, comments are welcome!

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