Volume move; as impressive as ever

Back in 2012 when NetApp first added SAN protocol support to clustered Data ONTAP I created a short video to show how easy and non-disruptive it is to move a volume (containing one or more LUNs) around in a cluster.  Although a bit dated, the feature is as powerful as ever!

From an operational perspective being able to move data without impacting users or reconfiguring clients is huge. If you want to re-balance for capacity or performance (including from spinning disk to hybrid to all-flash!), or replace hardware during a tech refresh, you can just do it!

It’s like VMware’s storage vMotion on steriods:  Any storage protocol, any client type, and your dedupe and compression and snapshot and replication and all the rest all keep working too.  Just one more feature in Clustered Data ONTAP!

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